Our Story

Have you ever had that moment in life when something deep inside of you just speaks so loudly that you can’t ignore it? I can tell you that it happened for us.

In 2000, with $250 in the bank we started and ran a very successful painting and maintenance business in Colorado. We worked hard, survived the economic and social impacts of 9-11 (may we never forget), we survived the recession of 2009-2010. We worked hard, prayed harder and somehow succeeded. Business was good, life was happy.

Paul & Amanda Hofmann, owners of The Ranch at Walston Springs
Amanda's Mom & Dad

But….. There’s always a But in every story…..
After my Dad passed away in 2013, my husband Paul and I, realized that maybe it was time for something new, a new challenge. Losing him made us realize that life is short and to always go after your dreams, tomorrow isn’t promised, it’s a gift so use it well.

So, we decided we wanted to buy an RV Park. We love our RV. We love travelling, we love seeing new places and meeting new people. Whenever we would tell the fur babies, Max & Sophie, let’s go in the “Little House” (the RV), they would get so excited they would run us down getting to the RV.

Max & Sophie in RV
Hailey, our Photographer
Hailey, our Photographer
Max & Sophie in RV

So, for 6 years we looked for the “right” RV park for us. We searched in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, and the list goes on. In 2019 we came to look at a park for sale just outside of Palestine. We thought it was the one. Coming to Texas was coming home for me (Houston born, Texas native) and thought it was “The One”, but that just didn’t work out.

After the deal fell through, we were sitting with my Uncles (frustrated and discouraged) having a few drinks and one mentioned Bar S. I simply replied, no thanks I’m not in the mood for hot dogs. My Dad was a butcher, a meat cutter, so when I heard Bar S, I thought of hot dogs. But (there’s always a But), the next day we called Carolyn and Mary Jane and asked about The Bar S Ranch……

Max & Sophie on The Ranch at Walston Springs
Paul, Amanda, Amanda's mom, and Hailey

So, to make a long story a little shorter, The (former) Bar S Ranch found us. This was “The One”. We truly believe that The (former) Bar S Ranch Resort found us, and that this is where God wanted us to be.

This is when I knew that my Colorado Guy, my amazing husband Paul, would follow his Texas Girl anywhere.

We are so happy to be here and to share this beautiful place with others, to share our home with you.

There may be fancier venues, more modern cabins or Bed & Breakfast Rooms, Swankier Wedding venues out there, but this is our perfect place and we hope that it will be yours too.

The Family
Uncle Fred at The Ranch at Walston Springs

You will always be greeted like old friends and forever cherished like family.

Whether you are always remembered as a “guest” who stayed with us, a couple who tied the knot, or like Uncle Fred (a guest who became family) you will never be forgotten by us.

When you visit The Ranch at Walston Springs, we want to give you a memory that you will never forget either.

Paul and Amanda Hofmann

Paul & Amanda's wedding